Looe Key Divers

The best reef in the US!

Looe Key

The Looe Key Reef area contains some of the most beautiful and heavily visited reefs in the continental United States.

Looe Key reef was named for a British 44 Gun Frigate the H.M.S. Looe, which wrecked in this vicinity in 1744. It is part of the Florida Reef Tract, the third largest barrier reef system in the world. In 1981, Looe Key National Marine Sanctuary was Congressionally designated. This sanctuary was formally incorporated into the larger Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary in July 1997.

Looking at Looe Key from the South. The Keys are to the north at the top of the photo.

Tips when visiting Looe Key Reef

We have been to Looe Key so many times, we ended up in someone else's photo on Google Earth!


We've been to Looe Key a few times...

With each of us having over 1000 recreational dives on Looe Key, and many more professional dives, we have more experience on the reef than almost anyone in the area.

Looe Key Divers is committed to sharing our experiences on this wonderful reef.

One thing that has struck us is that almost all of the people we have the pleasure of taking to the reef, including world travelers, have said Looe Key is their favorite, or in their top 3 favorite dives world wide. 

All of the photos here, except aerials, were taken by Rich or Marcie Werner.